ShawIcon2_ROOM.jpgTips for tile backsplashes

An upgrade to your tile backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom is an easy way to modernize an aspect of your home at a relatively low price. These areas have a high visual impact and can be relatively quick and inexpensive to do. Tile backsplashes also serve a practical purpose in terms of being very easy to clean up, and are far more resistant to water spills than your bare walls.
1. Choose the orientation of the tiles. It's not always necessary to have them installed horizontally. Consider whether a vertical design might look better, or even running them diagonally. You may want to splurge on one expensive tile to create a focal point above the stove in your kitchen. DESIGN TIP: Surround it by less expensive tiles!
2. Make sure the patterns don't clash. If you want a multi-colour tile backsplash, it's a good idea to pair it with solid colour counters. If your counters are patterned, go for solid colour or bold tiles. You don't want your backsplash to clash with your counters! Many tile backsplashes come pre-arranged in a certain pattern, so make sure the colour palette works for your room!
3. Try sketching out your ideas. If you're interested in creating some patterns on your backsplash, try sketching it out and including some measurements. This will help the installer get an idea of what you want to achieve, and he can discuss any issues that may come up before hand, ensuring you will be pleased with the results. It also helps our Experts at the store give you the best advice towards achieving your goals!
4. DIY? Stack them up. If you are going to try to install the tiles yourself, try stacking them up the wall so you aren't left with a tiny sliver on either end. Any given tile product will also come with specific grout recommendations, which are there to ensure that the tiles will hold fast to the walls for years to come.
5. Why not get a quote? It's usually free to get a quote from a professional installer, and workmanship as well as warranties usually come with the job. Make sure you ask for a referral! Save yourself the possible expense of having to do things over, by getting the job done right the first time.

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Contributed by Stephanie Gilchrist and Krista Lusted.

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