The Best Way to Clean Floors

Want to know the best way to protect, maintain, and extend the life of your floors? Click here for 5 of our best tips to clean floors!

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Floors Now offers several pet-friendly flooring options that will ensure your home looks its best at any given time. We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the style and quality of your floors for function. There are many styles of flooring that are great options as they are durable, resistant to moisture and scratches, and easy to clean. And if it’s stain-resistant, allergen-free, and resists trapping odors—all the better! Not to mention that the ideal floor needs to be warm and comfortable underfoot—or under-belly, as the case may be.

At Floors Now, we have all the products that make your floors look great! Introducing Utile Carpet Tiles, they're an innovative carpet tile that is changing the way you see flooring. Utile carpet tiles come in a wide array of styles, are easy to install, and are backed with a lifetime warranty, plus, they're made in Canada! What's not to love!?

What's muddy footprints, wet dogs, or spilled wine got on vinyl? Nothing! One of the most resilient and versatile types of flooring, vinyl can be used in every room of the house.

Just like hanging up a picture or artwork, or designing anything else around your home, there are do's and there are don'ts to decorating a space with an area rug.

If you are installing flooring in your home, you'll need to figure out how to properly measure your room first. This is the first step to any home renovation, as it will determine how much product you need to buy and what your budget will be.

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