3 Clever Ways to Use Laminate Flooring on Your Walls

Who would have ever thought that one day someone would come up with the idea to install laminate flooring on the walls of their home. It’s a trend we are seeing more often, and with its ever growing popularity, it is showing no signs of slowing down.

We love the idea of putting laminate on your walls; it looks fantastic and can add a unique touch to any home. Laminate has a tremendous amount of styles and designs to choose from; it's easy to install, it's durable, and comes at a very affordable price tag. With all these properties, it's no wonder homeowners are using laminate as a new piece of decor for their walls.

Sound interesting? Read on to see the top three areas homeowners are using laminate as a fashion statement instead of just a flooring statement.

1. The Bedroom

Using laminate walls in the bedroom has become a trendy choice. Since most bedrooms have carpeted floors, the laminate walls create a very distinct contrast that makes the room pop.

The most common area to use laminate in the bedroom is right behind the bed frame. This creates the illusion of a headboard without the bulk. 


2. Shelving And Wall Inserts 

Another creative option is by utilizing laminate flooring in the shelves and inserts of your home. The key here is to choose a bold design that creates contrast with your wall colour. When done properly, your living space will become much more lively and interesting. 


3. Mounting Walls & Backgrounds

Another great option is to use laminate flooring as a background mount for your common household decor. This can be used behind your TV, bathroom mirror, really any area where you hang stuff. This is your opportunity to get creative and let the imagination run free.


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