Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom, is the most personal space in your home and also the room you spend the most time in. If it isn't already your dream bedroom then quit dreaming about it; don't sleep on those ideas any longer, let's get

Design Tips At Your Leisure

There are a few must-haves for every bedroom, here are mine:

  1. A calm, soothing palette. Keep the hot hues such as red and yellow for those spaces that you primarily use during the day. In the bedroom, opt for a monochromatic palette of restful creams, beiges, taupe's, browns,
    blacks and blues.

  2. Spoil yourself with expensive linens and covers. These fabrics are next to your skin eight hours a day, they need to be durable and stand up to frequent washings but also soft and sensual.

  3. Don't forget about underfoot as well, cozy area rugs in the ensuite and next to the bed to treat your feet. I love sheepskin and thick fluffy cotton rugs. We also layer up area rugs on top of our wall to wall carpeting or
    over top of gorgeous hardwood.

  4. Hang great art. Our bedrooms are about love and romance as much as they are about rejuvenating our bodies and mind. Choose your art carefully and make sure that you not only love it but also that it inspires love and harmony.

  5. Inspire yourself. The bedroom is where we start and end all of our days, so it is imperative that we surround ourselves with things that keep us focused on who we are and who we want to become. How can we do this?
    Easily! Framed photographs of the people we love the most, so that we are reminded to make these people the priority, beautiful life inspiring sayings hung on the wall or written on with gilded paint, good reads stacked on the nightstand, framed poems or messages from the people that inspire us. Even a bowl of sea shells you collected on your holiday last winter will not only look beautiful but it will serve as a reminder of good things to come.

  6. Organize, organize and re-organize to ensure that getting ready in the morning to take on a new day is effortless and fun. A clean and well-maintained closet, vanity drawers laid out for easy access to skincare.
    Shelves or baskets of rolled towels and clothes. There should be no excuses not to maintain good habits and regimes because you can't find something or something is too hard to access.

  7. Spoil yourself- hang a wall shelf at counter height next to the bathtub and create a spa-like bath bar filled with decadent (and natural) lotions, potions and oils.

  8. Keep the air quality in this space especially good with air diffusers scented with essential oils, such as lemongrass or lavender to help your rest.

  9. Nothing prepares us to face the day as much as a good night's sleep. Science has proven that we need to eliminate light in our rooms so consider this when selecting alarm clocks and audio visual equipment. Use
    blue light where possible and consider investing in blackout draperies or blinds to help keep out light pollution from street lights, neighbouring homes and businesses.

Living fabulously means investing your creative energies into the right spaces and honestly, none may be as important for your physical and emotional health as your bedroom.

About Cheryll

Cheryll’s keen eye for detail and sense of style has led to a growing and successful career in interior design and the media. Cheryll ran an interior design firm in Western Canada for 15 years, specializing in both commercial and residential design work. As an established and celebrated designer, she began to share her expertise with a national audience – through public speaking, television, radio and print. Today, in addition to hosting two popular national radio shows, Cheryll writes for over 290 newspaper publications a column on construction, design and décor, making her one of the most successful syndicated columnists in Canada. She is also the official spokesperson for Floors Now!

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